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About Our Company

Working since 2001

In business since 2001.  Our company has grown through reputation and customer satisfaction.  Delivering quality computer systems and repairs on demand.  We repair Computers, Notebooks, Tablets and phones.  We also Build Custom specification and gaming computers for all requirements and budgets.

Qualified Employees

All our employees have undertaken training and have gained qualifications in computers and technology.  We are constantly learning new technologies and updating our knowledge.  We use the latest software and techniques for testing to deliver guaranteed quality results.

Why choose us

Our main differences

NationalICT are dedicated to delivering top quality repairs and services to our customers.  We aim to get you working again without delay.  Our booking in process ensures that your request is dealt with within 24 Hrs, and you are updated on the progress of your request accordingly.


22 years in the industry has given us comprehensive experience in our field. we have an expansive supplier database, allowing us to deliver for you.


Many years of training and hands on work give us the skill to achieve great results on your repairs and projects.


All systems are subject to testing and delivered with quality assurance certificates.  Stress tests and individual component testing matches the dynamic of the process


Warranty to suit the process assures you peace of mind that your purchase or repair is covered.

Our statistics so far

  • 2391 Repaired computers
  • 502 Repaired keyboards
  • 23719 Recovered data
  • 523 Replaced monitors
  • 1732 Repaired laptops

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